Welcome, If you have sought out this information you may be considering entering counseling services or finding support for someone you love and care for. This is a very personal decision and one that will take continued strength, courage, and commitment as you work to build new perspective on the issues or circumstances that motivated you to seek support. As you enter this process finding the right therapist is important. This requires a match between your specific needs and your therapist’s knowledge base and skills, as well as a personal connection which will allow you to feel comfortable and supported as you explore your emotions, thoughts, and specific circumstances.

Individuals and families who are supported through clinical services are provided care utilizing attachment, trauma, social psychology, and psychodynamic approaches. Each person is unique within the context of their own history, internal dynamics, and environment. Individual needs and differences are highly important and strategies and supports are tailored to meet your and your families specific needs.

Specific services offered include

  • Behavioral health (counseling) Services offered to individuals and families.
  • Consultation services to child placement social service staff and administration.
  • Supervision services to behavioral health therapist working toward state licensure.
  • Supervision to private behavioral health therapist.
  • Assessment services including psycho-social and psychosexual assessments.
  • Circle of Security (COS) Parenting Support

Please feel free to browse the attached pages as you make your decisions. If you have questions and/or wish to seek a clinical service please call (509) 475-1315 and your needs and therapeutic fit will be discussed.

LaDonna Remy, MSW,LICSWHome