Grief’s unique Hold

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While there are commonalities in experience, grief’s manifestation is unique to each individual. There is not one other living being who will understand exactly how you feel or the subtleties of your specific connection. No other person; knew your person, your animal companion, or your situation in the exact way you did (and do). They do not know the many nuances that existed between them and you. They cant know what made them uniquely them, you uniquely you, and your connection uniquely yours. It is these nuances of relationship that make this process both complex and sacred. And, this is as it should be.

It is a process that can’t be rushed, at times won’t find comfort, and that must be honoring of you and your important other or situation. Take your time and know in whatever way you need to make sense of your loss, it is ok. It was your connection – it belonged (and belongs) to you.

In our world today, it seems loss is all around us. This makes it all the more important to have access to solid information and resources. I have found working through grief, is every bit as personal as one’s specific loss. Taking in new information may not be possible in the beginning. And, as time moves forward (as it inevitably will) one may be unable to move forward with it. In this event accessing support is highly important. Following are a list of potential resources to assist, as one is ready to take them in.

Potential Resources:

Hospice Foundation of America~National Hotline: 1-800-227-2345

Hospice Foundation:

Hospice~ End of Life Care: find.html#:~:text=Hospice%20care%20providers%20also%20are%20listed%20in%20the,on%20Aging%20or%20a%20local%20United

David Kessler’s Daily On-line (Facebook based) Grief Group:


David Kessler: Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler: Life Lessons: Two Experts on Death and Dying Teach Us About the Mysteries of Life and Living

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, David Kessler, et al: On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross MD:  On Death and Dying: What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy, and their own family

Brene Browm: Podcast with David Kessler on Finding the meaning of Grief

Brene Brown: Short Videos on Shame and Vulnerability: REMY MSW, LICSW: PERSPECTIVE ON TRAUMAEDIT

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16 thoughts on “Grief’s unique Hold

  1. I sometimes think after a period of grievance there will be happiness. So when i’m sad I just make myself happy by thinking that happiness will arrive after this grief period. Your words are really great too. Thank you.

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  2. Thanks for your post! And for the references. I seem to finally be emerging from a period of grief – took me 5 years to work through it all. And I tell how things have improved by the reactions of people around me. It’s as though my old self has returned 🙂

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  3. Thus is so true. Grief is very complex. I’m still unraveling my own understanding of myself and my grief related experiences. The only thing I’m clear on at this point is that I will continue to be surprised by griefs’ continual presence in my life experiences.

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