What’s the Big Deal with Masking? — SunshineMoon

This article is shared from the Blog Sunshine Moon, authored by Marti Malone, who happens to be my sister. In this article, her first here on word press, Marti provides solid, compelling, and insightful information around the politically charged issue of mask wearing. She shares personal experience regarding its importance and highlights the potential impact on an already overworked health care system and each of us. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her informed and well written thoughts here on WordPress. I hope you will take a look at her work and enjoy her writing and insights as much as I do.

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So what is the big deal? I would like to think any regular person could see the cumulative and collective benefit of wearing a mask during this global pandemic. Yet we see incident after incident of people in grocery stores or favorite restaurants freaking out over the management asking them to ‘please wear a mask’. […]

What’s the Big Deal with Masking? — SunshineMoon

61 thoughts on “What’s the Big Deal with Masking? — SunshineMoon

  1. When seatbelts became law, there were demonstrations here protesting their required use. It took time, but eventually most people conformed and now, it feels like second nature to click it in place.

    I think that’s one of the challenges we face with masking. As a society, we like time to get used to change. And Covid doesn’t care about time.

    We have worn our masks since the very beginning. Like you and your readers, it seems like a small thing to do to – and in this time of feeling like there’s so little I can do to make a difference, this small thing makes a big difference to me. ❤

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    1. I really appreciate your insight here, about needing a little time to adjust. I guess when there’s so much on the line it’s hard to want to give that time. Like clicking a seat belt into place, perhaps it will start to seem like second nature to those of us practicing safe social interaction. It doesn’t look like this virus is going away anytime soon and we’re losing over 3000 lives a day at this point. It just hurts my heart to know so many lives would be saved if everyone would adopt this practice. The president’s influence doesn’t seem to be waning. He obliviously throws his White House Christmas parties spreading COVID merrily about the place. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

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      1. As a Canadian, I have looked askance at what has happened in your country and felt so very sad for the losses, and the pushback on doing the right things.
        I am praying the new year will not only bring a new administration but more calm, care and compassion for all.

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      2. Thank you Louise. It has been a time of turmoil as we have sifted through the confusing messages we have received. I appreciate your prayers as we move forward. I am very hopeful that our new leadership (though left with an unimaginable job) will have our trust and lead us through to the other side. My prayers are with you in your country and our larger world. My genuine care is with you. Stay very safe and very well in your corner of this strange time. 🤍🤍

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  2. Thank you so much. I didn’t realize how much I had to say until I started writing it. I’m really enjoying getting feedback from others and as I’m starting to read others posts, what they have to share. Much love sent your way Sister 💝

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  3. Nice of you to support your sister as she steps into blogging LaDonna. Great post. As a nurse I’ve worn a mask for 40 years. It’s just a piece of equipment to me and isn’t something that even requires thought about now on the odd occasion that I do some shopping. But as your sister said the virus isn’t waiting for people to get on board as it attacks anyone.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this, LaDonna. It is so unfortunate that the wearing of masks has become a politicized issue because it could’ve saved more lives if there was a unified front from our leaders. Masks work! Especially if you look at response in countries that adopt mask wearing. Hopefully 2021 brings more hope with covid!

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  5. Thank you for reading. It is an important topic. I am unsure why the posts aren’t showing up. I have looked into it and can’t seem to locate the issue. I genuinely appreciate you letting me know and will continue to investigate. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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      1. That is lovely. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have always been told my first name means The Lady. I’ve always liked that. Remy is a name of French origin. We do have French ancestry in our family genealogy. But, I was born and raised in the southern part of the United States. Not quiet as exciting 🙃. 🤍🤍

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      2. Oh…i don’t know why northern part of states should be more exciting than the southern…i know that Paris means romance… Philosophy. Midnight in Paris is one of my absolute favourites! Thanks for the discussion and have a wonderful new year 🙂

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