A Necessary Sadness!

At times we carry a heaviness for the pain of others, and our unknown selves. We carry it, often unaware. It’s just there. A sadness for someone we love, for a neighbor’s pain ,for our own un-named pain, for humanity. There is a tendency in our american society to avoid this pain. To push it away, to judge it, to avoid it at any cost. This avoidance in itself, is sad.This can lead to an avoidance of ones own internal world and others in general. Not acknowledging feelings is a barrier to connecting, to non-judgement, and to acceptance of ourselves and others.

It is necessary to feel sadness (and the range of other emotions). It is necessary for our own growth and connection with others. Learning to live in a place of known pain is difficult but the toll it (not feeling) takes on our emotional, physical, and relational health is far reaching. There is a tendency to believe that feeling sadness (or other difficult emotions)means something is wrong with us. In reality, it doesn’t mean this at all. It means we are feeling/empathizing/connecting. That’s it. That is all it means.

It is not only important to learn to sit with feelings for psychological purposes; it is important for physical and relational purposes. In essence, learning to connect with what is felt is highly correlated to health and well being.

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5 thoughts on “A Necessary Sadness!

  1. I enjoy checking out your older posts, LaDonna. This one is applicable to me presently due to a terrible diagnosis my mom’s husband is dealing with. It is having huge effects on her, which is heartbreaking to me, especially because she lives thousands of miles away. 🌞🙏🌞

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