Blog: Perspective on Trauma

Loving an addict; Author unknown.

by LaDonna Remy, MSW,LICSW on May 27, 2016 No comments

“Sometimes love hurts especially when we see loved ones heading for danger. We call out to them, “Watch out!” We grab at them and try to bring them back to a safe place. But they don’t listen. They break loose, ignoring our warnings. And we must stand on safe ground and let them go to learn the hard way. And if our love is enduring, we stand with open arms to welcome them back when they finally decide-I am finished with danger-I must go home. And if our love is true, we do not hold onto “I told you so, but “I love you so”

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LaDonna Remy, MSW,LICSWLoving an addict; Author unknown.

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