Transition Plans and Referral Services

A transition plan is provided upon request and will include the following;

1) An overview of the child, prospective parents, and current placements needs. These will be based on current information including, attachment based need, developmental level, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical need, and the prospective parents and the current placements ability to support these needs.

2) A written plan will be provided with rationale (based on above), transition steps, and proposed time line.

Recommendations and resources will be provided per any identified referral resources including; social, emotional,educational, cultural, medical, and physical needs.

Individual and family counseling services: Individual and family counseling services are available to adoptive families as requested by the family or legal guardian. Please note; services may not be provided or discussed at anytime during the pre-placement report and may only be requested by the parent or guardian. This program does
not pursue clientele through pre and post placement services, but will be available if requested, applicable, and clarity or roles is evident. In addition, the program will not provide an adoptive home-study or post placement report to current clientele who may wish to pursue an adoption. In the event requests for services are made in the above indicated circumstances referral services will be provided.

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LaDonna Remy, MSW,LICSWTransition Plans and Referral Services